GSE Smart IPTV on FireStick

How to install and use GSE Smart IPTV on FireStick ?[2022]

Now, almost everyone has cut the cable and chose to watch their favorite show channels on an IPTV streaming player. The GSE Smart IPTV is one of the most popular IPTV streaming players. For iOS and Amazon devices for Android and Apple. In this installation guide, I will discuss how to install and use GSE Smart IPTV on the Firestick.


What is the GSE Smart IPTV?

GSE SMART IPTV is an IPTV application for live and non-live video. GSE Smart IPTV claims to be an advanced IPTV solution. The service allows you to import channel playlists and EPG guides from your IPTV subscription. and provide an easy way to stream your channels.


  • In GSE Smart IPTV players, it works for all content imported by IPTV providers without any restrictions.
  • The player supports both Chromecast and Xtream-Codes APIS.
  • You can manage many IPTV subscription services in GSE IPTV.
  • Live streaming media is connected.
  • You can use the GSE IPTV player to watch the stored offline video on your device.
  • You can also set up parental controls.
  • There is a dynamic language switching option, including many national languages.
  • The player also supports video in all formats, including the RTMP tokens.
  • It also supports online streaming video transmission in HTTP, HSL, M3U8, MMS, RTSP, and other formats.

How to install the GSE Smart IPTV on the FireStick?

The GSE Smart IPTV app can be downloaded from apple’s official app store and Google’s App Store. Unfortunately, it’s not available in Amazon’s official app store. Since Firestick is an Amazon product, you’ll need to get the app running on a streaming device. 

Step 1: We will first install the Downloader app; click on the Find> Search option on the FireStick home screen, enter “Downloader“, select the Downloader icon, and download and install the application.

image 26

Step 2: In the Fire TV menu bar, click Settings and select the option “my Fire TV

image 27

Step 3: Select the Device> Developer option. Scroll down to the option, ” Application from an Unknown Source, and make sure that it appears as an ON (if not, click it).

image 28

Step 4: Open the Downloader application, click the URL text box on the right (make sure you select the Home option in the left menu), enter (, or (, and click Start.

image 29

Step 5: After the download completes, the Downloader application will run the APK file and install it.

image 30

Step 6: Select Click Open and start using GSE Smart IPTV.

image 31

Now, you have installed the GSE Smart IPTV application on the FireStick.

How to use GSE Smart IPTV on FireStick?

GSE Smart IPTV does not offer any channels or playlists. It allows you to get streaming channels from other IPTV subscriptions. Now I’ll show you how to install the OctoTV IPTV service on GSE Smart IPTV. 

Note: OctoTV offers free 24-hour testing and IPTV subscription service. We will provide you with information about M3U URLS or Xtream-Codes by email after you submit your application.

Step 1: Open your FireStick device and find the GSE Smart IPTV.

image 32

Step 2: Open GSE Smart IPTV, click”OK“.

image 33

Step 3: Click Allow on the prompt appearing at the bottom of the screen.

image 34

Step4: You must now see the following EULA tips and the Terms of Use and some disclaimers.Continue and click Agree.

image 35

Step 5: In the left menu you will see “Remote Playlists” and “Xtream Codes API” two ways to add playlists.

image 36

Use remote playlists on GSE Smart IPTV

Step 1: View the left menu/click the “Remote Playlist” option, and then in the following window, click the “+”button at the top.

image 37

Note: The M3U URL of the OctoTV IPTV service will be sent to you via email. Please note that check.

Step 2: Click Add M3U URL (or Add JSON URL) and add when prompted.

image 38

Use Xtream Codes API on GSE Smart IPTV

Click “Xtreme-Codes API” in the menu on the left. Click the “+” icon at the top, and on the next screen, enter the details OctoTV provides in the pop-up window, then click

image 39

After entering the relevant server information, you can enjoy it!

The last

GSE Smart IPTV is an excellent IPTV tool that allows you to use many IPTV subscriptions from one place. You can watch the IPTV channels you want by entering the subscriber information provided by OctoTV. Omit, it’s a very handy tool to have in your toolbox.

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