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How to install and use Smart IPTV on FireStick?[2022]

Smart IPTV has become a necessary application in our life. This guide will show you how to install and use Smart IPTV (SIPTV) on Firestick. Smart IPTV is an IPTV service that lets you access your IPTV subscriptions from multiple IPTV service providers. You can say that it is an IPTV management service for the end-users.

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What is a Smart IPTV?

Smart IPTV, known as SIPTV, is an IPTV player with an EPG (Electronic Program Guide) that gives you easy access to the IPTV channels you need. But, Smart IPTV does not include channels, so you have to add your own channels to the IPTV service subscription.

To use a Smart IPTV, you must have an IPTV service with an M3U URL (such as an OctoTV) to enter a streaming transmission.

What Smart devices do the Smart IPTV support?

Smart IPTV supports Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, LG Smart TV, Samsung Smart TV, and MAG devices. So if you have any of these devices, then you are lucky because Smart IPTV works well with them.

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How to install a Smart IPTV on the FireStick?

Smart IPTV is not available in Amazon’s official App Store. You must jailbreak your FireStick bar and install the downloader app to install the FireStick bar. We will now teach you how to install Smart IPTV applications on FireStick sticks.

Step 1: We will first install the Downloader app; click on the Find> Search option on the FireStick home screen, enter “Downloader“, select the Downloader icon, and download and install the application.

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Step 2: In the Fire TV menu bar, click Settings and select the option “my Fire TV”.

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Step 3: Select the Device> Developer option. Scroll down to the option, ” Application from an Unknown Source, and make sure that it appears as an ON (if not, click it).

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Step 4: Open the Downloader application, click the URL text box on the right side (make sure you select the Home option in the left menu), enter (, or (, and click Start.

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Step 5: After the download completes, the Downloader application will run the APK file and install it.

image 46

Step 6: Select Click Open and start using the Smart IPTV.

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Now, you have installed the Smart IPTV application on FireStick.

How to use the IPTV on the Smart IPTV?

Smart IPTV does not provide any of its own channels or playlists. It allows you to stream the channels that you can access from other IPTV subscriptions. Now I will show you how to make the OctoTV IPTV service on Smart IPTV.

Step 1: Open your FireStick device and find the Smart IPTV.

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Step 2: Open Smart IPTV and select allow when prompted.

image 49

Step 3: Access the “” on any browser and enter your M3U URL or other playlist link and the device MAC displayed above. Click Send.

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Note: m3u URL will be sent to you within 24 hours after your application. Please pay attention to the check. If not received, please contact customer service.

Step 4: Return to the Smart IPTV application and click Restart. Your playlist will be uploaded for use.

image 51

The setup for the SIPTV is now complete. Enjoy a great leisure time now!


What is a Smart IPTV?

The Smart is an IPTV player that can be used with various IPTV services for live streaming.

Is the SIPTV legal?

yes. Smart IPTV is 100% legal, but, certain services used with Smart IPTV are unverified as legitimate.

What devices can I install this application on?

Smart IPTV supports Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, LG Smart TV, Samsung Smart TV, and MAG devices.

The last

Smart IPTV is a worthwhile choice. This is one of the oldest IPTV player applications that can run on a variety of different platforms. Enter the URL. username, and password from OctoTV to watch the IPTV channel you need.

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